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In every moment, manpower and skilled professionals are deployed, materials are supplied, building sites are developed, investments and dreams are accomplished. It is up to us to enable and empower the next generation of construction professionals to enable our industry to grow and become more accessible for all. Paramount to this is the correct work ethic and progress through Continued Professional Development. 

We believe in achieving your goals through hard work, dedication, and an inner drive to succeed. The founders of GIR are highly qualified people that have “worked their way up” from starting on-site as labourers to owning GIR Services, a construction specific consultancy company. The companies ethos was built on these principles and we believe in investing in people that have the same vision and attitude towards success. No matter what age, level of qualifications, academic background, we believe you can succeed if you think you have what it takes, we will help you achieve your goals.

We develop a wide range of projects, safely and reliably to the clients requirements. It is this purpose that drives us forward. Join us and, together, we’ll work to build a more sustainable, better-built future.


To shape the future of The Construction Industry

A GIR Apprenticeship is not just about getting a job – it is an opportunity to join a new generation of talent, charged with the destiny of shaping the future of construction. We will help you develop your skills through a combination of practical work and academic study, all the while providing you with the passion, skills, and knowledge you need to partake in building all our futures.


Is the GIR Apprenticeship right for you?

Whichever route you decide to take, you will be choosing to start your career with us. You will be splitting your time with studying, achieving your academic targets as well as working on-site. 
We will cover your course fees, performance based, and you will earn a salary. At the successful completion of an apprenticeship, you complete an assessment, which tests both academic learning and occupational competence developed through on-the-job training.
If you can manage your time between work and study and want to get a head start in your career, whilst knowing that you will not have the debt at the end of it, send us a CV and cover letter to and we will contact you for a time and date convenient for an introduction chat. 

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